What we do

What makes Alwasaet unmistakable

Content is king, and we, at Alwasaet, recognize that as our mantra. We can develop the best-looking app, the most eye-catching animations, the fastest-performing game, but if the story isn’t enticing, we’re going to lose our audience. Storytelling is one of the oldest tools known to man, and has been employed for thousands of years by societies around the world to teach key principles. From parables, legends, myths and fables to real-life examples, stories are often used to portray important lessons and instruction. That is why with every project we get, we start by developing a story. And from that story, we create characters and worlds that inform our every decision. And we do it all bilingually (in Arabic and in English). Think about it, what would you rather hear? What sticks more often in your mind…a list of dry facts? Or a story?

We thought so. Let’s create a story together.

What we can do for you


We love to tell stories, and what better way to bring our stories out of our minds and into the real world than through animation? From traditional hand-drawn animation and stop motion to Flash, Toon Boom, and even 3D animation, we can breathe life into our stories in a variety of ways and styles.


Shows and Exhibits

Sometimes stories can be seen from many different angles… just like augmented reality. With our partners, we bring our story to the real world in exciting new ways while pushing the boundaries of perception. From stationary exhibits to moving science caravans and everything in between, Alwasaet can deliver an unforgettable perception-altering experience.



The one thing the “gamification” trend has taught us is that gaming is one of the most engaging mediums for educators. Not all games are born equal, however, and it’s not only about giving people badges for their achievements that makes games engaging. Games are all about the story, and we recognize that at Alwasaet. This is why we strive to create good stories for our games that allow us to bring enticing game worlds to life. Moreover, our developers can deliver these games cross-platform over mobile phones, tablets, and computers using cutting-edge technologies.


Reading can be a magical experience. Everyone loves bringing characters and worlds to life inside their minds. But what if you could actually see stories come to life while enhancing the experience of reading a book? That’s where we come in. We can take a story and turn it into an exciting interactive experience that grips readers and transports them into the world of the book. With beautifully hand-crafted artwork, our interactive e-books let you peer inside a book and discover wonders beyond your wildest imagination.



The web is a very powerful tool that brought about a revolution in the fields of information and knowledge. If your story requires a web portal, Alwasaet can develop it for you. From the concept phase to the design and development phase, we deliver full-turnkey solutions, using several proven technologies, that can be accessed and viewed using a multitude of devices including computers, tablets, and mobile phones.